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Stock Market Training Course

Stock market training in FINANCIAL-HUB-INDIA is a classroom & online training programme which covers all basic & advance levels of stock market trading operations like equity-derivatives-option trading,technical & fundamental analysis & more.Our share market course is suitable for any field of professionals ,businessman, students,housewives etc who wants to make a full time or part time income in share market or interested to make a career in stock market industry.Depending on different people need, we designed our share market training course so that it becomes a value for money while delivered.Our key aspect while training our students is teaching them practically as much as possible & teaching them diversification of their capital investment with proper risk management.Our mentors of share market classes are not only just trainers but they are also trading live trading accounts with the same strategies that is taught to students which is an added advantage for students as they are learning strategies which are making money for their mentors.Finally, Whether you want to trade & make money in intraday, short term or long term view in shares,commodity or currency trading or you want to build a fantastic career in stock market, in FINANCIAL HUB INDIA Our stock market classes have solutions for all your needs.

Key Features of our Training COURSES :


We’ll make you expertise trading in three different indian markets “shares-commodity & currency” in a single course so that you can diversify your investment portfolio & create more incomes in different types of market.

LIVE MARKET Training Sessions


All our share market training sessions are conducted during LIVE market so that we can train you with the running market for practical understanding of discussed topic.



After course completion, we’ll provide you life-time trading supports for your future stock market queries via mail,skype,teamviewer,telephone,whatsapp & our Private online member-forum access.



Learn Trading INTERNATIONAL Markets


We’ll teach you trading in different international markets like US,UK & different asian markets like australia,japan,china etc in our stock market training course.You’ll also be trained in trading of global forex currencies like eurusd,gbpusd,eurjpy,usdcad etc.


Share Market Training sessions are conducted by real market traders who trade in LIVE MARKET for a full time/part time living.Learning from a live market trader is an added advantage for our students as mentors share their own mistakes & experiences while making money in their own accounts.

VIDEO TUTORIALS of full course contents

You’ll receive video tutorials access of our entire course contents of stock market training so that you can revise the contents as many times as you wish during & after course.Stock market training Videos are updated frequently & you’ll have access to those updated videos for lifetime.


You’ll get an access to our “Online PRIVATE MEMBER-FORUM” where you can meet other fellow students-traders & have a discussion with them regarding course contents or any trade idea. This is a great place for students to get together & share their trading knowledge.Our mentors & senior students assist you to solve your queries there.


Receive daily updates for trading

Daily market analysis updates of mentors are given to students for lifetime to guide them in their own trading career in intraday & positional trading purpose.By doing this after completion of our stock market training sessions, we teach our students live market analysis,market conditions & trading everyday.

REPEAT The Course In a Year

We allow you to repeat entire course in a year with a new share market training batch so that you can revise what you learnt in your first attempt.Prior to repeat the Share Market Classes again,We prefer you to take some time to gain practical knowledge on course lessons you learnt in first course so that during repetation, you’ll have all your queries cleared.

BENEFITS After Course Completion – WE PROMISE >>

Create FULL-TIME or PART-TIME Income Source for Living

After stock market course completion, you can create a full-time or part-time income source trading different financial markets with a decent return.The reason of training you different indian & global markets in our Share Market Classes is nothing but to build you up for a strong diversified real market money-making trader/investor at any conditions.

Build a Highly Paid CAREER in Stock Market Industry

If you’re looking for job assistance or want to build a full-time successful career in stock market industry,you’re at the right place.In our Share Market Classes, We’ll assist you to get a high profile job & also build your career in this industry with leaders of the field.Note- Financial Market industry provides most highly paid salaries in the world & it’ll remain the same.

Build BUSINESS Opportunities With Stock Market Industry

After Course Completion,You can build different types of highly profitable business opportunities in stock market industry like stock broker,commodity broker,currency broker,trading tips provider,Trading education service provider etc & we’ll guide you for any of these move you make after course.



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Share Market Courses DETAILS >

CLASSROOM Training Courses


Course Fees : Rs 5,999/

BASIC level of share market training course structure is designed for people who are completely new to stock market & trying to know about how this world of different financial markets work.In our share market classes, you’ll get all basic ideas of every terms & analysis used in share trading & other different markets & you’ll have complete knowledge of what shares,commodity,currency & global market trading is all about & how it really works with LIVE market practical experience.You’ll have basic knowledge of analyzing technical analysis charts & basic fundamental analysis terms will be taught in this course.Learning Equity,futures & options trading will be the core topics of this course alongwith different types of fundamental & technical analysis.Apart from trading & making money in this course, we’ll also guide you to create a successful career with the help of different govt. recognized certifications like NCFM,NISM so that you can build a charming career ahead in financial market. In simple words, our share market basic course prepares you for your next level of trading &  investing education journey with a strong foundation.


Course Fees : Rs 15,000/

ADVANCE Share Market classes in pune are conducted for the people who successfully completed their basic Share Market Training Course or who already have in depth knowledge on the basic concepts & topics of share market & now want to accelerate their knowledge further to make a career or living in stock market.In this course, you’ll learn all the advance & core concepts of trading different markets using intraday & positional trading strategies in LIVE market with our live market trader-mentor.We mostly focus on advance technical analysis strategies to make money out of market in this course & after completion of advance course, you can start trading in shares,commodity,currency & global markets with your own account under our trainers guidance. Finally if you’re looking for a share market course that creates you as a full time trader & investor or create a successful financial career in this lucrative stock market industry, you’re at the right place for training here.

ONLINE Training Courses


Course Fees : Rs 5,999/

We designed our ONLINE  TRAINING COURSES for the people who want to learn the market at the comfort of their home or office. You’ll be given all course materials like full online video course,online member forum access in advance so that you can prepare for online training sessions with our mentors using skype & teamviewer.

ONLINE BASIC COURSE is designed for complete newbie in stock market wants to gain the basic knowledge of different types of markets like shares-commodity-currency-global markets operations & how to make money out of these markets.Whether you want to make a career in stock market industry or wants to start earning a full time or part time income,our basic course on share market trading will give you the right foundation required for your ultimate trading success.


Course Fees : Rs 15,000/

We designed our ONLINE  TRAINING COURSES for the people who want to learn the market at the comfort of their home or office. You’ll be given all course materials like full online video course,online member forum access in advance so that you can prepare for online training sessions with our mentors using skype & teamviewer.

ADVANCE TRADING COURSE offers you a complete professional trading plan,strategy & process to start profiting from your own trading account.If you have all basic concepts cleared regarding stock market operations & technical analysis, you’re eligible to join this course.You learn this course in a complete LIVE market trading platform under our live market trader-mentors so that you see how money is made live during your training period only.If you’re looking for a course that builds you as a professional money making fulltime or part-time trader, our advance course offers it all.

Share Market Classes In Pune Timings

Weekdays + weekend(sat-sun) +
Weekend(sunday only)
08 - 10 am
02 - 04 pm

Weekdays + weekend(sat-sun) +
Weekend(sunday only)
10 - 12 pm
04 - 06 pm
Batch Strength - max1010
Class Duration Per Day2 hours2 hours
Weekdays Batch Training Period5 days7 days
Weekend ( sat-sun ) Batch Training Period3 weekends 3 weekends
Weekend ( sunday ) batch Training Period5 sundays 7 sundays
Share Market Course Batch Start Timings in Pune1st , 11th & 21st of every month1st , 11th & 21st of every month

Share Market Training -

Weekdays + Weekends12 - 02 pm
12 - 02 pm
06 - 08 pm
Batch Strength - max1010
Class Duration Per Day2 hours2 hours
Weekdays Batch Training Period4 days8 days
Weekend ( sat-sun ) Batch Training Period2 weekends4 weekends
Weekend ( sunday ) batch Training Period4 sundays 8 sundays
Share Market Course Batch Start Timings1st , 11th & 21st of every month1st , 11th & 21st of every month

Share Market Course TOPICS :

1) What is Money Market, Capital Market & Financial Market ?
2) What is SEBI & other financial authority?
3) What is Exchange & different types of exchange like BSE,NSE etc ?
4) What is IPO ?
5) What is PRIMARY & SECONDARY market?
6) What is Share Market ?
7) What is Commodity Market?
8) What is Currency Market?
9) What is Global Markets?
10) What is trading & investing?
11) Who is a trader & investor?
12) What is short term - medium - term & long term trading & investing?
13) What is a demat a/c & trading a/c ?
14) What is sensex & nifty
15) What is indices & it's types.
16) What is technical & fundamental analysis?
17) Who is a broker & it's role ?
18) Understanding ONLINE, OFFLINE & DISCOUNT broker.
19) Understanding broker cost in your trading
20) Understanding online trading software
21) What is equity & it's different types
22) What is future & it's types
23) What is Option & it's types
24) What is option GAMMA,DELTA,GREEKS.
25) What is Hedging & it's types
26) What are different types of margins
27) What are lot sizes
28) What is expiry trading cycle
29) What is Roll-over in trading
30) Tax calculations for trading & investing
31) What is intraday & positional trading?
32) Who is a portfolio manager & his role
33) Who is an investment advisor & his role.
34) What is mutual fund & it's types
35) What is Insurance & it's type.
36) BSE stock classifications
37) Opening & closing Timings of different capital markets.
38) What is bulls,bears & stags in market ?
39) Factors driving stock market
40) What are blue chip shares?
41) What are Ordinary Shares,cumulative preference shares,preference shares etc?
42) What is bonus shares?
43) What is rights issue?
44) What is dividends?
45) What is pledging of shares?
46) What is employee stock options
47) What is growth,value & contrarian investing?
48) What is mometum, index & GARP investing?
49) What are the different certifications for career growth like NCFM,NISM etc?
50) What is Long & Short in trading?
51) What is technical ananlysis & it's importance.
52) Different types of charts - candlestick, bar, line chart.
53) Different timframes of chart analysis
54) Drawing price momentum in a chart
55) Understanding Higher highs & lows
56) Understanding a Trendy or non-trendy market.
57) Understanding a sideways market.
58) Drawing Trendlines on a chart
59) Drawing support & resistance on a chart
60) Understanding different Chart patterns
61) Understanding Volume on a chart.
62) Understanding different indicators on a chart.
63) Understand different types of charting platform.
64) Setting up a charting platform.
65) Understanding different candlestick formations
66) Understanding elliot waves & it's principles
67) Understanding price action trading analysis
68) Understanding multi-timeframe analysis
69) Understanding entry, stoploss & target areas in a chart.
70) Understanding algo-trading software.
71) Creating a trading plan.
72) Money management techniques in trading.
73) Pyramiding trading strategy
74) Different trading strategies to find a buy & sell in the market.
75) What is false break & different types of it.
76) What is Cash flow statement?
77) What is liabilities in a balance sheet?
78) What is equity in a balance sheet?
79) What is assets in a balance sheet ?
80) What is a balance sheet ?
81) What is revenue in an income statement ?
82) What is meant by depreciation in an income statement ?
83) What is meant by earnings in an income statement?
84) Know the difference between earnings & revenue.
85) What is EPS & it's importance.
86) What is meant by PROFIT in an income statement.
87) What is GROSS PROFIT ?
88) What is Operating Profit ?
89) What is EBT ?
90) What is PAT ?
91) What is EBDITA ?
92) What is direct & indirect cost ?
93) What is direct & nondirect expense?
94) What is cash & non-cash expense?
95) Understanding PEG ratio.
96) Understanding DEBT & it's effects.
97) Importance of fundamental analysis in trading & investing.
98) Different types of news analysis.
99) case studies
1) Understanding Different Charting Platform
2) Setting up your charting platform
3) What are swings & swing lines ?
4) Drawing swing lines on chart
5) Understanding price momentum based on swing lines on chart
6) Calculating swing lines based on different candle formations
7) Understanding Higher Highs & Higher lows
8) Understanding Lower high & Lower Lows
9) Understanding IMPUSLE & CORRECTIVE move on chart
10) Understanding a Trendy market
11) Understanding a Flat market
12) Understanding Trading with the ongoing Trend
13) Understanding Trading against The ongoing Trend
14) Understanding Trading a Flat Market
15) Understanding Support & Resistance
16) Understanding Support-zone & Resistance-zone
17) Understanding False Break
18) Understanding different types of false break on a chart
19) Understanding key levels on chart
20) Understanding key levels on chart
21) What is false break of key level & what does it mean?
22) What is 20ema indicator on chart
23) 20ema trading analysis on chart
24) Understanding different timeframes
25) Understanding multi-timeframe analysis on chart
26) Data to be used in different timeframes
27) Understanding PIN BAR formation
28) Understanding PIN bar's 4 different types
29) Understanding Engulfing Bar formation
30) Different chart patterns we follow
31) Usage of chart patterns in a trade
32) Understanding direct entry strategy
33) Understanding CHANGE OF TREND entry strategy
34) Understanding Candlestick confirmation entry strategy
35) Understanding volume spread analysis
36) Understanding Volume based entry strategy
37) Understanding price action context trading
38) Understanding Price action story of a chart
39) Understanding when a trend gets changed
40) How to trade a trendy market momentum
41) How to trade against a trend
42) Counter-trend trading insights
43) A pyramiding trading strategy
44) Defining entry, stoploss & target in your different trading strategy
45) Understand Risk:Reward importance in trading
46) Knowing money-management techniques
47) Creating a complete trading plan with strategies of entry,stoploss & exit.
48) know when to trail your stoploss at breakeven
49) Know what are the exit signs prior hitting your target area
50) Know how to keep on trailing stoplosses
51) Know how to handle news announcement while trading charts
52) Know which strategy to follow for intraday trading
53) Know which strategy to follow for positional trading for short term and long term
54) Know how to backtest a strategy to boost your confidence in trading
55) How to build a trading psychology for trading
56) How mindset affects your trading career
57) Lots of practical Case Studies


How Much money Can be made trading Market after share market course?

That depends on your capital investment & risk on capital.More you risk on capital, the return on capital will be higher.It’s advisable to start trading with an amount which you can afford to loose & gradually grow your investment capital once you start making consistent profit on a month on month basis.

After your share market course, will we be able to do intraday & positional trading ?

Yes, in our share market classes,we’ll teach you both intraday & positional trading using different strategies & trading plan.So you’ll be able to trade the market based on short,medium & long term.Our share market training courses are designed to build you as a professional trader and investor.

With how much money, we should start trading after completion of share market classes?

After our share market course completion,we advise to start with not more than Rs 10,000/ though you can start trading with Rs 500/ too.But to explore & learn different areas of share market min Rs 10,000/ investment capital is required.In our share market classes, you’ll learn strategies to trade with different risk ability as well as different amount of capital investment.

Can i make a living by trading market after completion of share market classes?

Yes you can trade for a living fulltime or parttime after completion of our share market classes. But there is no shortcut to start making money for living which means it will take time to reach that goal.We advise you to start trading & profiting for a part time income first with a small amount of capital and once you see a consistence income flow from there, you can now plan to take trading as your full-time income.Our share market course  contents include all necessary lessons to make you a full-time trader.

How much time we need to give for trading on a daily basis after completing your share market course?

Mostly, we do all our chart analysis for trading before market opens up so that we can be prepared.If you have a job or business & you want to make money out of market as a part time basis, you’ll have to dedicate 45 min anytime before market opens up by 9-am & place your trading analysis order to your broker by phone before market opens up.Once orders are placed, you don’t need to see market at all for rest of the day & the broker will update you about your trades by evening.But if you have time & trade during market hours, there are more money making opportunities you may have in market.

What is your risk reward ratio in trading ?

In our share market training course,we teach you to trade with different levels of risk:reward depending on your capital investment & risk ability on that. In our trading, risk:reward ratio is kept min 1:3 per trade & it may go upto 1:10 at times.

Can we trade international markets from india ?

Yes, you can. But there are some restrictions from SEBI & RBI while trading international markets.But you can always work as a consultant for these foreign markets & manage others funds on a profit sharing basis where there is no restrictions from indian govt.In our share market course,we cover all legal aspects of trading so that you have all the knowledge of govt. laws regarding trading too.

Where are your Share market training classes ?

Currently we are offering stock market CLASSROOM TRAINING only in pune & ONLINE TRAINING across India.We also conduct workshops for 2-3 days in different cities depending on the type of response we receive.

Do u follow any indicators in your share market course trading strategies?

No, we don’t follow any chart indicators in our trading & we trade based on purely price action analysis like key levels analysis,support-resistance,candlestick formations,chart patterns etc.

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