Price Action Trading Course For Forex & Indian Share Market

adminPrice Action Trading is the most popular & effective trading strategy in the world of technical analysis for trading any form of market in the world. Analyzing traders behavior is the key component of price action trading hence the method is powerful & having higher accuracy while used for any types of trading ideas whether for intraday or positional. Rajib has been Tracking Forex & Indian Stock Market Since 2007 using his Price Action Analysis Skill set & via Financialhubindia, he teaches his Price Action Trading wisdom to the world. The best Part of this method is “Trading the market with simple tools of price momentum only which is the mother of all other tools used for technical analysis charting purpose in any form of markets” . To enhance the knowledge of traders & to make trading simpler to everyone, Financialhubindia offers two different category of Price Action Trading course applicable for forex, Indian Stock Market or any other form of markets of the world & they are :

a) Foundation or Fundamental Level of Price Action Training Course – Forex & Indian Stock Market ( FREE ACCESS )
b) Advance level of Price Action Analysis Course – Forex & Indian Stock Market ( PAID ACCESS )

Checkout Technical Analysis Course for Indian Share Market & Forex with Price Action Trading Method - FUNDAMENTAL COURSE in English & Hindi

Foundation Course ( LEVEL - 1 )

Price Action Training for Complete Beginners

You’ll learn the basics of Technical Analysis tools like software requirements for charting, Drawing candlesticks momentum & understanding their nature of different formations, identifying structure of Markets – trendy & sideways, Finding Key levels – Support & resistance, Different types of false breaks of key levels etc. Our Videos & text tutorials here will guide you in a step by step process to understand each key components to build a solid foundation of your trading career.You’ll also learn about different market operations of stock, commodity & forex regarding how those market works & the key terminologies used. As a foundation course student, we’ll focus more into developing your base skills here regarding market operations & technical charting as the topics learnt here will be discussed more in depth in next level course.So, we request you to view each topic videos & text lesson multiple times & practice the same on your trading terminal & technical charting platform.
Technical Analysis Charting Softwares
Technical Analysis Charting Softwares n hindi
Drawing Candlestick momentum on a price chart
candlsestick momentum charting
impulsive & corrective swing trading
trading market with a direction

Foundation Course ( LEVEL - 2 )

Price Action Training for intermediate Traders

Level-2 of foundation course is for traders who successfully completed & applied the components of level-1 on live trading charts. In this level, traders will learn the advance techniques of drawing key level zones, multi-timeframe analysis for enhancing trading success accuracy, concept of analyzing change of trend & it’s impact, understanding the strength measurement of impulsive & corrective swings, Candlestick formation & pattern formations logics, money management ideas like risk management in a trade as it moves in loss or in profits as well as profit management in your right trades, position cutting & accumulation ideas etc. There are three core muscles we build for a trade success & they are – analyzing direction of a trade, defining change of trend level & Knowing the Key levels for entry into the trade.In level-2 course here, we’ll teach you how to build all these three key muscles which will help traders to create their own trading ideas & will have a solid strong grasp on price action analysis concepts after completion of level-2 course.
Intraday chart & positional charts
key levels zones on a price chart

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A Practical Course full of Profitable & Tested Trading Strategies

 Advance Course is designed with different price action trading strategies used for trading different market conditions like volatile or nonvolatile, trendy, sideways or counter-trendy market structure. Trading the market using it’s own different timeframe structures to maximize Profits in every way is a key skill trained in our advance course.We believe that learning & trading the market is a process rather than being a short term crash course for a week or so and so we designed our advance course without any time limitation in it & allowing enough room for learners to learn & play with the market alongwith our teaching assistant for as long as they want. If you are happy with our foundation course, we can assure that we will not disappoint your expectation in our most favorite Online Advance Price Action Trading Course.

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