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RAJIB is a full-time stocks,commodity & Forex trader and Owner of FINANCIALHUBINDIA. His trading career began in 2008 and has followed a path similar to many traders. He tried nearly every indicator & it wasn't until he started using raw price action in 2010 that he became consistently profitable. Using this site, he is sharing his knowledge & experience based on price action trading which can be used & traded in any form of markets.

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Rashid Khan

Your article proving how tech indicators in stock trading are
not very fruitful was very interesting I have been trading for long but earning and then losing all the money by using tech. indicators. I have used stochastics, rsi, Bollinger etc. but earnings vanish soon and I am back to square one. Patterns like triangles are at times useful but fail at other
times. Kindly guide and help with simple method to make good earning and minimise losses

Jaba Forex Trai

Thanks for sharing this informative blog. Keep Posting.

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