Duration : 4 weeks approx. 

Overall Topics :

Entry Strategies>>

Strategy 01(LOC):
1.1> After breakout in a trend or flat market
1.2> After false breakout in a trend or flat market
1.3> Inside a channel momentum
1.4> On flip level in trend
1.5> On a counter trend
Strategy 02(breakout) :
2.1> SHIP breakout
2.2> Trend Momentum Breakout
2.3> Swing Retest Breakout
2.4> On Counter Trend
Strategy 03 : Reversal Bar 
Strategy 04 : Crocodile entry
Stoploss Placement
Defining different targets
Trailing Stoploss to protect profits
Trailing Stoploss to protect loss
Accumulation strategy
Intraday Trading Trade plans & setups
Positional swing Trading Trade Plans & setups
Long term investment Trade plans & setups
# Classes will be held for 4 days a week (From Monday to Thursday) 
Classes will be held for continuous 4 weeks.
# Timing of Class : 2.45 pm to 4.15 pm ( 1 hour of lesson of the day + 30min Q & A session with members )
All live class sessions will be recorded & shared with members on the same day after class(within 3-4 hours) so that members can go through the same for a revision of discussed topics as well as in case member missing a live class session.
After course completion, You get access to our Private telegram channel for a period of 4 months for FREE & the access is chargeable(2000/ per month)  after 4 months period. In the channel, Live Market trade setup charts are shared with the only purpose of showing the practical implications the strategies & lessons taught. Note : the purpose of shared trades in channel is not giving trading tips or ideas to anyone. There is no fixed timing & days for updates in channel as it entirely depends on market conditions. Join the free trading channel here : t.me/fhifoundation 
After course completion, You get access to ‘Q & A’ session conducted on every Sunday ( 10 am to 11.45 am ) for 3 months for FREE & the access is chargeable ( 1500/ per month) after 3 months period. Here, you can ask your further queries directly. You will also be given all Sunday sessions recordings we have conducted so far so that you can learn from them.  
NOTE: No Sunday session is held on last Sunday of each month.
Course Fees :Rs 25,000/
# No queries will be resolved by chat message or phone calls. All queries will be resolved only via online live session ( either in weekdays training session or in sunday session )
# There is no guarantee of your trading success after course completion as your success entirely depends on your skill of trading price action & how much you practice. This course will be a guideline only for you to study the market with price action.
# No trading calls are shared as trading tips for you to trade. Any trade setup chart or recommendation shared only & only to show you the practical application of the strategy taught. 
# Once fees are paid, will not be refunded back . Hence READ the details properly & DECIDE at your own risk & choice.
# We are not responsible for any form of losses & profits for you due to the applications of the strategy & course applications taught to you.
# No session will be revised or retaught in case you miss a live training session. In that case, you will have to checkout the recorded video of that session.
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