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I am in stock market from last 6 years. I was long term investor. I think trading is dangrous. No one can make money by trading. Once I watch TV live show " Khatron Ke Khilari" on CNBC AWAAJ. Participants were making one Lakh per day. This programme socked me. I try to become a trader. I read world class traders' biography, I read 10-15 books of technical analysis. I watch 2-4 Indian traders video from you tube. I meet 2-3 traders face to face. I talked him to know about the secrate of trading succeess. I have taken training from other trainers. All methods are not more effective to achive my target. When I meet to our best trainer Rajib Chaudhari and listen his lecture in you tube. I decide to start training with lot of confusions. Gradualy, I completed full course in only 2 months. I feel from my heart,

1. He is the best trainer,

2. His doubts clearing style is out of standing,

3. Training video is with top quality

4. His honesty, patience, and egger to train are marvelous.

5. One of the best thing- all are in the cheapest cost.

                                     I think, one day- he may be world class traders as well as trainer. We may see his interview on the world TV channel. Thanks and Thanks.


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